I m sorry, nbut i dont speak and write english very well, but my boss asked me to writte a introduction letter to our supplies, that i m their new meneger, utt, hoiw better to do that?? Please help , i need to tell all my contats, that they will have to work with me and so on...please helpEmotion: smile
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Write your best effort, read the very top post in this section for advice, and post it here. We will help you with any problems.
I' am not really fluent on other types of languages, but i just know the basic words for getting my way around. but i really dont understand on how to write an introduction letter. might need some help writing it, and recognizing my own abilities. so if anyone has any suggestions please i would like to hear,

would really appreciate it a lot.
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I want to learn letter drafting in a highest manner could you help me out.
Dear employees,

Their are new supplies, and to show you guys where you guys could locate them I will be showing you since iam your new manneger. And I would also be working with you guys pretty soon.
Anon, is this your suggestion for the original poster, who wrote that in 2005?


Are you asking us to review what you have written and suggest improvements?
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simply you can write how you talk with others.dont think that others may feel bad on your way of writing because all are learning some thing from some thing.
why don't u research on google? write in how to write an introduction letter. there u will find lots of websites on how to write a good letter. u see i'm doing that to cuz i have to write a letter to ma teacher.
Please send me the other websites you know.

Thank you,

God bless you
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