hello! i have a friend in qatar she works their and i want to visit her in qatar im applying for tourist visa but my friends told me she need to write an invitation letter to be submitted in consul of qatar but my friend didnt know how to write letter of invitation can you help her? thanks
It should look like this, approximately:



To<whom it may concern>

I, <your friend's name>, wish to invite <your name> from <your city>, <your country> to stay with me from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY.

Our current address is <your friend's full address>, Qatar.

I shall be responsible for his/her stay and expenses while on holiday in Qatar. It will be highly appreciated if the requisite visa can be issued.

Kind regards,
<your friend's name>

(I am not an English teacher so there can be mistakes in punctuation, sorry for that.)

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Your friend's name

Her Home address

City, Country

contact number


To, Qatar General Consulate,

Office Address

Sub: Issuance of visitor’s visa to my friend

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Your friend's full name, work as a full time/part time Her Position at Organization's name located at Organization Address. I earn $ or Qatar Currency per year. I would like to invite my friend, Mr/Ms. Your full name, to visit Qatar for tourism purpose and to meet me. He/She will be staying with me at my home at Your friends' Home address for 3 or 6 months.

During his/her stay in Qatar, I will bear all responsibilities including, but not limited to, financial responsibilities, return air ticket fare to travel from Your country to Qatar and back, medical insurance, housing and food. I will personally make sure that he/she leaves
Qatar before the expiration of his/her authorized stay. I will also personally make sure that he/she will not become public charge on the part of Qatar government.

So I respectfully request you to grant my friends' visitor visa.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.



Your friends full name,
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Did you get the letter i wrote you At 11:35 Am Feb 17 2010
I was just surfing for an invitation letter to invite my folks and I found this. A very well drafted letter. Appreciate you for this useful information. Saved me lot of time in writing up an invitation letter. Thanks !!!
TJ (Sydney)
hi there, thanks for that information mam, i have also question,coz im planning also to visit my friend there in Doha, i might copy the said letter and thanks for that..but i have another question, where she/he(my friend) will forward that mail..is it to my email ?(coz i will be the one who will process my visa application to the qatar embassy here in Saudi, coz im working.Anyway im a Filipino.)or she/he(my friend will directly send the email to the embassy there in Doha Qatar?..any idea or correct information please..Thanks GUyz!
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This is an excellent letter, but, does it has to be notorized? and where do I send it? to the embassy or the person who will apply for the visa? thanks in advance for your response.
Thank u very much ...this letter was really helpful for me....