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Could you please tell me how to write a journalistic report ? When I read a scientific paper, I could easily identify the components of the sentences such as subjects, main verbs. Meanwhile the writing syle in a newspaper seems different...

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Here are a few brief thoughts.

No long paragraphs. Facts, not your opinions. Put the main facts in the first paragraph, and expand on them later. A person who reads just the first paragraph should get an overall understanding of what the story is about. No unusual vocabulary, no complicated sentences. Quote people accurately, and spell their names right.

Would you like to write something brief, and post it here for comments?

Best wishes, Clive
Hi Clive,

And hi all,

Thank you.

Here is just a try. I’d like to listen to any comments.

A terrible earthquake with 5.9 Richter Scale occured in Jogjakarta on Saturday, May 27 at 5.57 am, causing various damage from the slight one such as the fall of some tiles of the roofs to the severe one such as the collapse of the houses and another buildings.

The earthquake of which the epicenter was appoximately 30 km away from the Parangtritis coast killed almost 6,000 people and left more than 200,000 people homeless.

At first hours, panic occured widely from the disconnected telephone line, the down handphone signal as well as the down electric power. Only the continual news broadcast from the battery-charged radios were available, which put on air people seeking their relatives’ condition, victims seeking for medical and logistic help.
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And here is the second article. It is not a real case. Would you please ....

At least 7 factory workers of PT. Jogjaneka were rushed Friday to Sardjito Hospital on Jl. Kesehatan, Jogjakarta after feeling nausea and vomiting. All workers felt nausea and vomited after consuming food provided by the factory, which was ordered from a catering company.
Dr. Rita from Sardjito Hospital said that they had most likely expirienced food poisoning and around 3 workers should be hospitalized. Meanwhile, Jogjakarta Police have taken samples from the rest food for food contamination suspicion and questioned the manager of the catering company to investigate the possibility of public service standard violation
Wow that was a really good artice, definetly the best yet, great
I want briefly the differences between the Breaking news, news in the first page of the news paper and the report.

Thanks too much in participation
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I want briefly the differences between the Breaking news, news in the first page of the news paper and the report.

breaking news The first or early news about an event that has not yet finished happening.

news on the first page of the newspaper Important news.

report Any news story.

Best wishes, Clive
can you set an example on how to write a journalistic report ?

There are a few examples earlier in this thread. Or you can look in any newspaper.

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