How do I write a leave letter to my company?

I need medical leave as I have family problems.

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Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that my T.Y.B.Com exam start from 26 march,2007 . I will be appeared this exam ,so I want to leave from the date of 22.3.2007-to-26-3-2007 four(4)days for study.
This is request to you that please granted my leave
As discussed I am applying leave from the 2nd May to 25th May for my marriage. I am not able to apply this on line as my privileged leave status is not correctly mentioned in the portal and hence it is not accepting. In the portal it is showing that I have 5.5 priviledge leave where as I have total of 20.5 proviledge leaves.

Kindly consider this and do the needful.

your sincerely
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AnonymousHOW TO WRITE A LEAVE LETTER TO the manager for cacel out my telephone connection


Just write what you would say if you were talking to the manager face to face. Then post it here, and we'll give you advice. OK?

Best wishes, Clive
Dear sir,

this is to inform you that mr.alock wants to leave for(24/04/07to25/04/07).So i request to please granted the two days.

regards manju
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Dear Sir,

Kindly grant me leave for 11 days w.e.f. 10th May 2007 to 21st may 2007. The reason for leave is to attent family functions.


Sachin jagtap

to the principal

namobuddha academy

sangam chwok, marga,ktm

sub - leave for a day


i beg leave for a day(2064-1-16)on that day. i most go for persomal work so that i stremly sorry for classes.

your sincier teacher

asha thapa

shanti magar
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on the occassion of my daugher's birth and the function threafter, my presence is required there for my daughter's name giving ceremony on 17.07.07. So I kindly request to you grant me leave for 50 days from the date of 14.07.07 to 02.09.07
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