How do I write a leave letter to my company?

I need medical leave as I have family problems.

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Resp. Sir

Kindly note , due to marriage of my younger brother scheduled on 6th May 2007. In view of it I need three days holiday from 00.00.07 ~ 00.00.07 .

You are kindly requested to grant my leave . I will be highly obliged for this act of kind .

With Regards

(Deepa Srivastava)

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Start by simply writing what you would say if you were talking to your boss. Then post it here and we will give you advice. OK?Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
Dear Sir,

I would like to take leave from 04.07.2007 to 16.07.2007 for attending the social occations.


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Anon, is it customary where you are to explain WHY you need leave? Or can you simply state that you are requested vacation time? If you don't have to say why, then simply end your letter after 16.07.2007.

"for attending the social occations."

"to attend several event."

You may want to add "I appreciate your consideration of my request."

Your closing should have a capital letter, and "thanks" is too informal for a letter that begins "Dear Sir." At the very least, say "Thank you."
AnonymousSunday, 26 July 2006

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Sub: Requesting for leave

Dear Sir,

As per to the discussion with you regarding the, my examination, I would like to inform you that I need off on everyday after 2:30pm from the date 27th December 2006 to 8th December 2006 for my studies.

I would like to thank the management with all my heat for the continuous supporting given to me.

Yours Sincerely,

Shazra Shakir

Assistant Manager, Marketing

Dear Sir,

Sub: Vacation

I shall be thankful if your goodself to grand me a vacation for the period from 1st of May,2007 to 30th June,2007. The reason for vacation is my two year agreement finshed and renewed the new agreement as per Passport details.

Kindly do the needful & oblige.
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Please use some of the corrected models presented earlier in this thread to revise your letter for better structure, Anon. If your vacation request is meant for use in India, then it may be acceptable as it is; however, the following words/phrases (as used in your post) are restricted to Indian English: goodself, do the needful and oblige.
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