How do I write a leave letter to my boss for the reason of marriage

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Respected sir,
I wish u inform u that I need a 12 days leave from 15.07.2008 to 26.07.2008, to attend my cousin sister’s marriage ceremony

So please grand me a leave & I will be rejoining on 27.07.2008

Hope u will do the needful

Thanking you
Respected sir,
I wish u inform u that I need a 10 days leave from 17.0.2008 to 29.07.2008, for marriage ceremony

So please grant me a leave & I will be rejoining on 30.07.2008

Hope u will do the needful
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Respected Sir,

I wish to inform you that , i need a leave from 17-07-08 to 26.07.08 to attend my cousin's marriage which at kerala and i request you to adjust my leave from the acrused leave

hope you will do the needful to me

thanking you

yours faithfully
The A.S.

Sub: To sanction half day C.Ls i.e.25-7-2008 to 31-7-2008 - Request - Reg.

I'm request you to sanction half day C.Ls i.e. 25-7-2008 to 31-7-2008. Because i have Exams of MBA 2nd year. Therefore i request you to sanction of C.Ls above period.
respected sir,

i glad to inform you that my marriagedate has been fixed on 101010. for this i need leave from 11010
ps find enclosed my wedding invitaion
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The Director,
Services Dept,
Organization Name,

Subject: Leave

With due respect it is stated that I can't attend my office duties or any other duties because I am feeling sick or I have to attend a marriage ceremony of my cousin (state the appropriate reason of leave here). I would be highly obliged if you sanction me leave from ..... To ..... Date.

Yours Truly,

Your Name,
how to write a letter to my boss for a two months leave to visit andstay with my fiance in another country for two months
Please use your brain. Read this thread, use another letter as a model, and substitute your own details.
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please give me a sample leave letter to my boss for the reason of my sister marriage
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