Hello out there. I am interested to see if I am going in the right direction interms of asking/informing my employer of why I should get an increase in my salary after getting a Masters in Fine Arts - Media Design.

Dear Suzanne XXX,

I would like to request that I be considered for a salary increment.

I have enjoyed and developed here in my position as an employee of Dynamac Corporation. My position has allowed me to expand my career path. First being hired as a Proposal Specialist, with productions skills and the ability to read RFPs. Over time I was able to include my graphic design skills to the position. In the past five years that I have worked for Dynamac Corporation I have expanded my knowledge in the field of Graphic Design extensively. I have not only attained a Masters in Fine Arts Degree in Media Design. I have also broadened my horizons and skills by freelance designing for clients such as Georgetown University and events as Live on Woodrow Wilson. Freelancing while maintaining my position at Dynamac Corporation has allowed me to be able to understand, in real time, the needs of clients and use that practical knowledge to help me problem solve here at Dynamac.

I have a passion for providing visual solutions for the company and hope to use my passion along with skills, knowledge, and abilities to present the company in a more modern and different level than its competitors.

My ultimate goal as an in-house visual designer is to create and maintain design standards for the company as a whole.

My Goals Also Include:

· Modify, create, and layout Company Manuals

· Create and layout various instructional manuals for usage of program and company equipments

· Create a Graphic Standards Manual for the Company

· Develop and Maintain Brand and Graphic Standards

· Continue to provide my coworkers with the best visual standards as possible

My Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities include but are not limited to:

· Working knowledge of PC and Mac platforms

· Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and Flash

· Microsoft Word, Visio, Excel

· Photography

· Production & Pre press knowledge and skills

As a visual designer I have compiled a list job descriptions that might help you understand the duties that I have accomplished in my career and continue to provide for the company as a review. In some cases descriptions have been combined:[1]

Solo designer 

A freelance design professional that works independently. 

Creative/design director
A creative director or design director is the creative head of an in-house corporate design department. Key responsibilities can include the development of graphic design, advertising, communications and industrial design publications. 

Senior designer

The senior designer is responsible for conceptualization and design of solutions from concept to completion. In some cases, senior designers do not manage staff but are designated “senior” because of their authority in design decision-making. 

Print production artist/manager

A print production artist has a working understanding of layout, type and color, and is able to take instructions from any individual and create a complete layout, working proficiently in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustrator. Print production manager

The print production manager is responsible for managing the process (bids, scheduling, production and delivery) of producing publications, from concept through production, including photography, separations, 4-color presswork and digital production. Print production managers are strong project managers, managing multiple jobs simultaneously. In some cases, proficiency in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator and Photoshop is desirable in this role. 

I have also compiled tables to correspond to the above job descriptions so that you can better understand the average salary basis within the graphic design industry.[2]

Insert Tables of Average Salary Ranges

[1] J Cass. (2007, December 18). Designer Job Descriptions. [Web Blog]. Retrieved from http://justcreativedesign.com/2007/12/18/designer-job-descriptions / (2010, December 26).

[2] AIGA – Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2010 (2010). Salary Calculator. Retrieved from http://www.designsalaries.org/calculator.asp

Hi Keisharose,

I began reading your letter, and then I scanned the rest. You have two major deficiencies: First, you don't articulate your points clearly and forcefully at the front of your letter; and second, your grammar needs some work.

You start your letter by telling a story. This story was written by you for you. That is, the only person has a great desire to read and comprehend the entire story is you. The rest of us are forced to try to extract the relevant parts and make sense of them. Instead, you want to make it easy for us, especially if you are seeking a raise.

You need to be more forceful.

Dear X:

With regard to my salary, my understanding is that it is based on the following factors: 1) blah; 2) blah; 3) blah and 4) blah. When I review my knowledge, enthusiasm, capabilities, and contributions against these factors, I believe I merit a salary increase. I want to meet with you at your earliest convenience to review my performance, salary, and how I can continue to grow within our company.

Factor 1: Blah
State factor.

State how you compare.

Do this for all factors.

Summarize by repeating the points raised in your opening paragraph.

My second criticism is the grammar and style. You need to put forward more effort.

Example 1

First being hired as a Proposal Specialist, with productions skills and the ability to read RFPs.

That's a sentence fragment, no?

Example 2

I have not only attained a Masters in Fine Arts Degree in Media Design. I have also broadened my horizons and skills by freelance designing for clients such as Georgetown University and events as Live on Woodrow Wilson.

Perhaps not an absolute rule, but I tend to think of "blah blah but not only blah blah, but also blah blah blah." The "not only...but also" sets up a compound sentence.

Because your sentences are lengthy, I would try especially hard to eliminate extraneous words if possible. This is really subjective. In my example below, I will eliminate and add words.

I have not only attained a Masters in Fine Arts Degree in Media Design, but also broadened and strengthened my skills by freelance designing for clients such as Georgetown University and events as Live on Woodrow Wilson.

Anyway, I think you need to focus on clarity and conciseness. Try to make it easy for the reader to arrive at the right conclusion.

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Thanks I thought it was kind of long. I will work on this. [Y]
I am reviewing your notes. I have a question about the statement "You need to be more forceful." How do you recommend being more forceful when you work in any environment where no one does what you do? Not too many people in my organization know about graphic design.
You can be forceful by being concise with your request and your supporting arguments.
If you work in area where people generally don't understand your job nor your skills, then it is even more important that your language is concise. For the most part, people are interested in themselves only.

Opening paragraph states why you writing—what do you want to accomplish. Now, people are focused on extracting information from your letter to support or refute your desire.

Present your argument in a concise, eloquent manner. You need not present every last detail. Instead, focus on the major points. During your meeting with your boss, he or she will discuss your performance. You can, at that time, also discuss some of the finer points of your argument.

In job related stuff, while employees are always focused on how much they have learned or their capabilities, companies are focused on how you have contributed to the bottom line. So, for your group, you should stress as one of your arguments how your work has helped various initiatives. How did your work help the group accomplish its goals.

Good luck.
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Thanks you were a big help!

Subject:- Request Salary Compliant

Respected Mr Mamushet

I,[ Name and place of work] Mechanical Driver write this letter to you to make formal compliant regarding Salary Compliant being less paid in the organization. Hope you will take my compliant seriously and take necessary action.

Sir, I have been working in this organization for more than 1 year and the salary paid for me is not enough to cover my daily life need due to the inflation in [place] town is high. During my stay here I have always been very dedicated and there has been no any complain against me. I would like to hear your response and would like for you to into look for this matter.