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This is my letter, tell what is wrong are to change any words and tell your suggestions.
please tell how to write cancel my phone connection simcard letter because i now something only in english language.


from: e.m (edited to remove personal information)

to: simcard office
44/4 stain street


This letter to inform cancel my simcard. Please quickly disconnect my simcard.
Phone number (edited)

Your faithfully
e. martin
I think all the letters submitted are effective but, I would add one thing more. It is my experience that one should add a cc: to the letter for impact. For example, Sincerly, e. martin, under that add cc: Attorney General of the State where you live. you can add cc: Better Business Bureau Adding these adds credability and strength to your letter. best of luckEmotion: smile
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To simply cancel a phone subscription, it would be an absurd level of overkill to copy the AG or the BBB. Only if the company fails to keep its agreement with you or fails to follow your instructions should you involve outside parties. You need to give the company the opportunity to follow your instructions first, or even respond to a complaint.
i want to write letter to vodafone to cancell corporate plan with 3 member & change plan with two 2 member no.
say i wana cancel my contract
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How to write letter for reconnection phone numbers

Start by writing what you would say if you went to the office and spoke to an actual person. Then post your draft here so that we can help you with it.

Best wishes, Clive
I wish to cancel my phone connection of .... number. i kindly requesyou to refund the deposit.

is this sentence correct for cancelling the phone connection
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I wish to cancel my phone connection for [Number] under the name [Name]. Please refund my deposit.

Sincerely yours,

Full Address
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