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how to write a request letter to Reliance communications for cancel our mobile phone number..?


Start by writing what you would say if you went to the office and spoke to an actual person. Then post your draft here so that we can help you with it.

Best wishes, Clive
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nona the britHi,

We don't write letters for people but we will help you get it right if you want to bring your letter here for us to check.

this letter is to cancel with the company's accountant because we are geting a new accountant that can work with peach tree cause he doesn't.
well this is the only thing i have for now. please help me out!

Dear: accountant name

this letter is to request cancellation. i regret to inform you that cctv-outlet will no longer need your services, due to the fact that we
would like to work with an accountant that operates with peach tree. it was a please having you, thank you for your service.
Dear [accountant name],

I regret to inform you that CCTV-Outlet will no longer need your services. We require an accountant who operates with Peachtree software. It was a pleasure knowing you. Thank you for your help.
dear sir
this letter is to inform you that i wish to cancel or disconnect my contract with. Please quickly disconnect my telephone
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Dear Madam / Sir,


Please be kind enough to disconnect my phone temporary with effect from ……../……../20……. as I am going abroad.

When I return I shall inform the telecom for reconnection.

Yours Sincerely,

Do you think it would be a good idea to mention your phone number?Emotion: wink

SUB: Cancellation of Telephone connection – reg.
REF: Account No: [removed], Tel No: [removed]

With reference to the above telephone number, we would like to cancel the connection and we will pay the bill amount.
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Dear Sir,

I would like to request you to kindly disconnect my sim card. I had purchased from your company last few years back in the name of so and so and my mobile number is.....

Thank you very much for your kindly cooperation
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