hi everyone Emotion: smile,
well actually i plan to go to australia, they need some documents required
and they ask me to provide a bank statement. my company pay my salary by hand only not transferying through bank..
so one of my friend sugest me to write a letter to aus embassy i am getting my salalry by hand and with company seal and signature of owner
is that possible someone can post the sample letter...here

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Dear [name of person in Embassy],
With reference to your request for a bank statement showing my salary payments, Please note that I am paid in cash and therefore a bank statement will not show this. However, I enclose an affidavit from my employer stating my [monthly/weekly] salary, duly witnessed and signed.
I hope that this is satisfactory and look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely.

Do you have salary slips given to you when you are paid? If so, then one of these enclosed with your letter will also help.
thanks Feebs11
but is that format is correct
because one of my friend suggest me write the letter in your company letter head and start with
To Whom it may Concern....
name of the owner
company seal
the thing is i dont know how start the letter....
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You said you had been asked for this so you have had a letter from someone, in some department or other.
Therefore you reply to that person in that department. If in doubt about the name, you address it to "Dear Sir or Madam", but never "To Whom it May Concern".
Also, this is a personal matter, not a company one so it is incorrect to use your company letterhead when writing back.
thanks Feebs11

yes i had the letter from the person and the pay slip also...

so i try the is format


hi Feebs11

sorry again how about i can ask the letter to my employer to write a letter....

because i dont think if i write the above letter and attach the pay slip they wont believe me

so..... the letter from the employer

dear [the name of the person],

we are paying salar to mr. gr by hand not through bank passport no.xxxxxx nationality



sign. of the company owner,

with comapny seal

can you help me to write about the format

thanks & regards,

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Dear [name of person]
Mr Xxxxxxx has asked me to write and confirm that his salary is paid to him in cash. I can confirm that this is the case and that he is paid oooooo per [week/month].
If you need any further information, please contact me at the above address.

Yours sincerely,

Position in company

NB This letter would be written on company letterhead.
thank you so much Feebs11

Dear Mr. Feebs,

I also wanted this format as I am facing the same problem while changing my job..Thnaks a lot for this format....It will help me a lot...

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