Hi everyone!

I'll be joining a company next month as a fresh grad. They put me in department A which specialise in Industry A while I am hoping to change to department B (which specialise in industry B) so that this experience will help me in my career transition in the future, which I plan to join this company for a few years to get more experience in Industry B before joining industry B for higher position. But I think it is not suitable to tell HR that I'm changing my job after a few years.

Can you please help me to structure a short paragraph on how should I put this so that I wouldn't sound rude?

Thanks so much!!

anonymousBut I think it is not suitable to tell HR that I'm changing my job after a few years.

It is not rude to show that you have an ambition to work in a different department in the same company. But is it not wise to tell them that you plan to go work for the competitor after training and on-the-job experience.

We do not write letters here., but if you try to write something, we can help you revise it..

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Hi! Thanks so much for your opinion. Yes I do have a draft but I just don't know whether it is right to put it this way and I feel like I'm missing out the main point: Why do you want to change (which I'm not sure how to put it), Hope you can help me.

Here's my draft:

Dear ____ ,

Hope you are well. Thank you for offering me with the position ____ in Department A. However,I am writing to request consideration for a transfer from Department A to Department B. Given the Industry B is constantly evolving and adapting as a result of intense competition, unprecedented economic turbulence and increasing customer expectations, with strong interest in this sector, I hope to gain more exposure and specialize in this increasingly regulated line of services to enhance my professional development as part of my long term career goal. The dynamic character of this industry generates streams of opportunities to train quick thinking and rigorous analytical thought, as well as shaping innovative mindset in auditing this industry. Constant innovation creates an unparalleled platform for diversity in developing new skills apart from meshing technical skills and business knowledge with interpersonal skills. As an eager beaver with positive attitude in learning, I am determined to work hard in this line of service despite the steep learning curve. I hope you would consider my request to change to Department B Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dear ____ ,

Thank you for offering me with the position of Junior Data Analyst in Department A. I am enthusiastic and excited to start my career in Data Analytics Corporation, and will report to work on October 5 as agreed.

I would like to let you know at this time that I am passionate about auditing and financial analysis, in particular, digging into corporate balance sheets. As I understand the structure of the company, this function is carried out in Department B. So I am asking if there are any openings at the same grade level department B. If not, what are the possibilities of a transfer after six months or a year of working in Department A? What is the policy of the company on promotions and transfers?