now i am working as a assistant quantity surveyor and i have 5 years experience in same position also same division. i want to change my designation to quantity surveyor. please help me to write that letter

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Start by writing as if you were speaking to the other party, and if you post your draft letter here, we will check it for you.
dear sir

i am leelaram khatri i have been working in this organisation from last 3 years i had been working as administrator before but right now i am working as supervisor

so please change my designation.
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Dear Mr [surname],

I have been working in this organisation for the last 3 years. I was working as an administrator before, but now I am working as a supervisor, so please change my designation.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Leelaram Khatri
If any employer wants to give this letter to an employee ...how to draft it? Pls help....
Draft it like it is.
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i want to write letter about my designation change.before i m working as civil foreman but right now i m woking as jr engineer and also i show the certificate of diploma,total working exp in this company is three yr.so plz write me
sir, currently i m working as jr engineer last 3 yrs,but my position is civil foreman in this company,i want to change my designation,and also i want to show my diploma certficate and exp letter,
Read the previous post and use that as a model for your letter.
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