My Name is Akinwale Michael.. I was accepted to come and a trainning in Scotland and they've sent me my Certificate sponsorship Visa Letter...please how can I write to the Uk embassy asking them for the necessary document I will need to submit with my Visa application form...
please reply me as soon so as possible..
You might not need to write to them, most of these things can be done over the internet these days. If it is a form you need it will be there. If you want them to approve your document then I think that will be down to the body offering you training. Ask the company in Scotland they will help you best.
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Thanks Dave..


I'm Tahir Irshad, working as a teacher in KSA. My friend send me a visit visa for UK, spending summer holidays with him. I just need to know what kind of letter do I need for this from my department (work place). If sample is available, please attached.