Guys, I need your help. I'm currently living in the University's hostel, and will be shifting to an apartment soon.

However, my University administration wanted us to give a permission letter saying that my parents would allow me to do so (It's just as a security measure, so that the administration would not be responsible if anything happen to me during my stay outside).

I even can't think the suitable title of my letter and how to write the contents in it. Plz help me.

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Dear sir,

I am happy to stay outside the school hostel next year and continue in my position as a teacher.


A J Crasta

Management asked me to stay away from the school hostel and produce a letter about this matter.Please correct it and send me back.


(my address)


The Director

(school name)

Sub: ready to stay away from the school hostel

Dear sir,

First of all i thank the management for given me a post assistant warden and accommodation in your school hostel last 3 years. As management wish , iam ready to stay away from the hostel and continue my service as a teacher in your prestigious school. Hereby i assure that i will do my best for the development of the school.

Thank you



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Whow to write a letter by parents for his daughter for permanently leaving hostel and to be continuing her study from home

Hello. I need help with an email my parents have to write to request accommodation for me with in the university campus. Here is what i have so far.

RE: Request for student accommodation.

The purpose of this letter is to request for my daughter, Lisa Mere, Student ID 20182015, to reside within the University campus. I live in Letlhakane village which is 9 hours away and cannot be near my child as she completes her Program.

The nearest relative she has is her mother, who stays 5 hours away from the university, thus leading to the conclusion that my daughter has no place to stay but the university campus. I please request that you consider offering her accommodation.


Mr Mere