Guys, I need your help. I'm currently living in the University's hostel, and will be shifting to an apartment soon.

However, my University administration wanted us to give a permission letter saying that my parents would allow me to do so (It's just as a security measure, so that the administration would not be responsible if anything happen to me during my stay outside).

I even can't think the suitable title of my letter and how to write the contents in it. Plz help me.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Permission for my son to reside outside of the University's hostel

The purpose of this letter is to give full permission for my son, Mohd Azwan, roll number 10111, to reside outside the University's hostel. I fully understand the concern expressed by your administration in not recommending that my son stay outside the hostel, but I am prepared to take full responsibility for my son's welfare during his residence as a student.

Should you require any further confirmation, please contact me at Email Removed or [mailing address].

Yours sincerely,


[first name] Okazaki

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Hello, mz - and welcome to English Forums.

We do not write letters for you. Your English seems good enough to make a start at it yourself. Post your effort here and we will review it for you.
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Thanx for your reply Mister Micawber, I will try to make up something here. (I'm actually bad in writting, so please correct me if i'm wrong :^) ).

Dear Sir/Madam,

Title : Permission for my son to stay outside of the University's Hostel

I'm Mr. Okazaki, the father of my son, Mohd Azwan (my real name he2..) roll number 10111....... The purpose of me writting this letter is to give the full permission for my son to stay outside the University's hostel. I really understand the concern by the University's administration for not recommending my son to stay outside the hostel, but I hereby will be prepared to take full responsibility if anything happen to my son during his stay outside of the University's hostel.

Yours sincerely,

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Thanks for the help sir. I'm very glad you had helped me with my work ;^).
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Guys, im also got the same problem.i'm currently stay in college hostel but now i will shift to condo.my give me the permission to stay out side but me myself must right the letter.so please help me.i have no idea and my grammar also bad.
Start by trying. Anon. Put in some effort, as the fellow before you did.
cn help me 2 write permission letter from parent to allow her daugther to stay at hostel...
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We do not write letters for people, but there are helpful tips here: http://www.englishforums.com/English/FormalGeneralBusinessLetter-Writing/Forum5.htm . You can also post your efforts in that forum. Some members are prepared to correct letters and offer suggestions for improvement.
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