i am the secretary of the English Language Society , requesting for permission to visit the place....
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Dear Ms. Reyes

I would like to request annual leave for 3 weeks on the 14th of december until 3rd of January,2016.We are travelling home in the Philippines.
My parent will be celebrating their 50th wedding Anniversary on the month of december and we are planning this big event since of last year . My whole family and all my relatives from abroad are coming home too. Im begging your kind heart to consider my request please.
Hoping for your kind consideration regarding this matter.

Respecfully yours,
Dear Ms. Reyes,

I would like to request annual leave of 3 weeks from the 14th of December, 2015 through the 3rd of January, 2016.

We would like to travel home to the Philippines. My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in December, and we have been planning a big event for them since last year . My whole family and all my relatives from abroad are coming home, too.

I am hoping for your kind consideration of my request.

Respectfully yours,
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HDear,Mr,Samuel Asmelash
Good day
Kindly request you to use mobiel card to comnicate with Drivers and workers loading or offloading Trucks.
Dear Mr Asmelash,

Please use your mobile card to communicate with drivers and workers loading or offloading trucks.



dear manager i live in unit 10 and have lived here since 2003. i am very responsible with my rent and have complied with all rules.i really like my apartment and my complex and the idea of leaving it saddens me. but over the years i have noticed that my unit has been wearing out. and to top it off for a while now i have been dealing with termites in my room keep thinking they would go away but instead they are multiplying.so these issues have finally got to me and have made me come forward and request an upgrade.my hopes are to please ask you to grant me a new unit

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Always capitalize the pronoun 'I' and the first word of each sentence. Separate your letter into meaningful paragraphs.

You should write it as any other formal letter. Start with "from", dates and so on. There are of course some main things you have to include. First of all, dates of your absence: when you live and when will you come back to work. Also, tell why have you to leave? Politely give reasons. You can write that there are some personal reasons, that will be OK. In addition, tell the name of a colleague who will do the work instead of you if it is necessary on your position. And don't forget about leaving your contact information for urgency.

I am writing to a manager to inform her that I wont be sending two women certificates for a workshop carried out at a direct provision center which she manages because i have been trying to reach them to get the correct spellings of their names but i couldn't reach them. How should I go about this?

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Write your letter; post it in a new thread; and we'll do our best to help you with it.

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