i am the secretary of the English Language Society , requesting for permission to visit the place....
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TO: Dave Hyde

FROM: Deepak Nehra

SUBJECT: Self Introduction

DATE: May 22, 2019

I am a foreign student and my major is biology in associate degree of science. I added communications course to my academic schedule to get enrolled in other courses as I required to take two communications courses to complete my 6 transferable credits out of 60 so I can transfer my degree to one of the best university in Vancouver from where I can continue my bachelor’s degree in biology.

I am grateful I get enrolled in your class of CMNS 1110. When I attend your class, I like way of teaching and sharing the opinions of your experience with other universities. This really helped me to build my confidence to complete my associate degree and get transfer to continue my further education for undergraduate degree.

My strengths are my ideas and understanding power but my weakness is that I unable to form the sentences to describe my ideas.

In future, I am hoping to do research and internships to understand biological subfields. After my bachelor’s degree I want to earn Ph.D in understanding life and living organisms, including their structures, mechanisms, development and evolution. To fulfill these dreams and hopes I had to communicate with other researchers and international universities, which will help me with scholarships to do my research. Communications will improve my writing skills, so I can write memo and letters to university, to tell them what I am doing and make reports on my research for my superiors and future use.


can you please proof read for me . This is my memorandum.