i am the secretary of the English Language Society , requesting for permission to visit the place....
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Hello Guest,

What we would ask you to do is please read the announcements at the top of our Letter Writing Forum and post a draft of your letter here.

i need to write the letter to manager about the assignment completion and i would like to know the next step in the ladder what he provide earlier. anyone suggest me for this thing.

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Start by writing what you would say to him if you were talking face to face. Then we can help you with it.


Dear Sir,

I whant to write a letter for Manager in other company and what i want to tell him is applying for a test in MFL.

Best regards,

Start by reading Clive's post immediately before yours.
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Sorry, we don't write letters for you.

Take what you have already written and change it a little to be a letter to your GM. Then show us again, and we'll help you with it.

Dear sir,
i got temperature so today i am unable to come to office
Dear Mr [surname],

I have a temperature, so today I am unable to come to the office.
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