DEar all fren, because of my family problem so that i have failed to attended the examination. So that i already barred from exam, so anyone can teach me how to write the letter to officer to request for the examination for last chance...pls help me,i 3 subject to take to graduate.. i don;t want waste my time and money to study at the end no get anything. pls help, i need it b4 8june09


Dear Officer,

I Peh Kuok Wee ,ID:05WBD01200, as Diploma In Marketing student. I am writing this letter to request

for the examination that i have failed to attended the examination last semester because of the reason.

2. I failed to attended the exam, this is because i need to take care my dad because he had sick.

During that,i also have financial problem so that i not be able to waste the money from transportion fees

3.I am sorry to give the problem to the Officer for my examination. But i really hope that, the officer in charge can give a chance to resit my exam because i have 3 subject to sit to get the Diploma.

4.Finally, i make apologize again for the inconvenient that i give to the officer.

Your sincerely,


Diploma In Business Studies(Marketing)


fren hhelp me to look at it... where i ned to modify?
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For your letter, pretend that you are talking to the person on the examination committee. He has the power to approve your request.
What would you tell him? What would you ask him? Write this down. This is the text of your letter.

Then start with:
Dear Mr. X (put his name here)

Put the text here.
Then end with:

Sincerely yours,
(your name here)

If you post it, we can help you to refine it.

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How can I write application to the dean of university for early semester exams of mine so that I can go home for medical check up

grape green 442How can I write application to the dean of university for early semester exams of mine so that I can go home for medical check up

1) Think about what you want to say.

2) Write it down.

3) (optional) Post it here and we can take a look at it and offer suggestions.

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He solve my problem.

Plz permitte me to writte exam.

Name Namara Enoch

End with yours faithfully

Write to the academic register

Kabale university

Lerato Mphafhudi

Permission to write exams because i failed two modules, was going through depression and couldn't ask for help . Found out that i was pregnant with the person who cheated on me, and in that period i got a miscarriage and fell into depression. Couldn't ask for help from my lecturer because i was afraid as to how i was gonna tell her the problems i was facing personally. My attendance in class wasn't that low, i tried to attend almost everyday but sometimes it was hard to even wake up. Then decided to find motivation to move past depression online, as to how i can use it to my advantage to study and forget about what happened. But it didn't work. I know i should have opened up about what was happening in my life, even try to see a counsellor, but for someone who has never sat down with a stranger and discussed your personal troubles it came off as being hard. I passed those counselling offices more that 10 times, but to actually come in and seek help. It was indeed hard

My actions have consequences, i might not even come back next year if it happens that im not granted permission to write these two exams. My sponsor will drop me and i will have to explain to my parents why they had to drop me. Im pleeding with you mam to consider my appeal and grant me permission to write my exams.

I have started consulting with my lecturer and have been really studying so hard. I know i will be required to pass my exams with 60% and higher. I am aiming to do so and i know me saying this. For someone who barely made it to close to 37% on DP is kinda hard to consider. But mam i assure you i have already made it my first priority to achieve more because i know i can actually can.

Yours Sincerely

Lerato Mphafhudi


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Advance going to held second semester examination
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