Are there proper ways to inform my surperior that I plan to retire. May I have examples?

There's also the common case of early retirement. I think really that this is sometimes just a matter of resignation. Whether you plan to find another job or not is not a concern of your employer. Then again, you may be hoping that he/she will give you a gold watch as a retiremnt gift!

In other cases, you may be offered a 'retirement package', that includes financial incentives such as 'retirement allowances'. These kinds of things involve legal tax implications. Uusually, your employer can provide initial advice in such cases.

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I would make a distinction between retirement and resignation from a legal standpoint.
As I understand it, depending on local law, a notice of retirement might more usually be from an employer to an employee who has reached retirement age, though one would hope retirement would be by mutual consent.

So far as resignation is concerned I have previously used the following as formal statements:

'I hereby give notice of of my intention to resign my post as as required by my contract with '


'I hereby give notice of one month of my intention to resign my post as Road Runner, as required by my contract with Acme industries.'
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