Well, recently I received a letter to participate in the "Memphis pageant for teens." Today I found out that I made it to the preliminaries, and the top the winners from the preliminaries will get to go next year to nationals. My problem is that i need sponsors, I need a total of $620.00 ($495.00 for preliminaries cost and $125.00 for photogenic contest). My biggest problem is that everything has happen in such a short time and I need $275.50 by April 11th (11 days from now), this is NOT only a pageant but is also a scholarship program. I really need to write a sponsorship letter. So here is where you all come in... How can i write the letter???
I think more people will want to help you on this site if you try for yourself first.
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what is that supposed to mean??
Try writing a letter yourself and then ask us to edit it for you. Firstly you know what you need to say - we don't. Secondly people are here to help others improve their English rather than do everyone's writing for them. Have a good attemp yourself then people will be happy to help myself included. Its a forum rather than a free secretarial service.
okay, thank you... but i didn't know i had to be literal in here, i was looking more for some type of format to write a sponsorship letter, and i guess you miss understood what i ask. I asked "how can i write the letter?" not if someone could write the letter for me... But thank you, for the help, another website gave me what i was looking for.
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