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I've got one

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I have AIDS

And now so do you Emotion: smile
You are really sick, dude!
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Sorry! Double post!
I wrote this one today while thinking about my dear wife who has been the angle in my life...

Once upon a time I was a wandering soul

Existed with no purpose, life was empty and cold

Lost, my life seemed like a storm battered boat

Drifting in the dark, hanging on but barely afloat

From sunrise to sunset, only I was going in circles

Waking up with no direction, everyday was a heavy load

Amazingly, there you were when I needed most

Smiling at me like a God sent angle from heaven

My dear, now I have found my existence and reason

You gave me hope for you are the beacon of my life

I felt it the minute I saw you, but I couldn’t explain why

I am struck by the Cupid and I need to let you know

I hope he was aiming at you with the same arrow and bow

I have something in my mind, please don’t deny

Would you tell me yes if I ask you to be my wife

Please don’t say no. If you do, I know I will surely die

If I had one wish, let me wake up every morning by your side
try this

i love to look in to your eyes

when i do i get butterflys

when i look at your beautiful face

my heart does nothing but constant race

i will love you now

i will love u forever

me and you baby for eva and eva

i promice to always care

and my life wit u il always share.

you make me the happest person alive

with out you i no i wouldent survive

wrote by stevi-dee redwin age 17
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i really liked this poem
i need help wit da 2
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thank you so much you are the greatest 
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