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ok ahh can i hav3 ahh poem 4 ahh gurl w3ll i know how t0 rid2 poems but is just dat right now i told ma gurl all of th3m n i want t0 s33 if chu got a new on3 n s33 how g00d is chu ...k
Hey i just used this poem can you please remove it so my girlfriend doesnt find it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! REMOVE IT PLEASE
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Not a chance. This is an 11-page thread! I hope you told her you got it from a friend.
typical words
dear author,
hey, my name is chase and i had been thinking about maybe my girlfriend had another person that she loved because she didn't understand how much i loved her. when i gave her this poemread it then she looked at me and put her arms around me and kissed me and told me that for about the past two weeks she had been worried and scared because she thought that she was in a oneway relationship and that i didn't care about her the same way that she did but she hugged me and said that there had been somebody else telling her that i didn't care about her(it was another boy) and that she had been thinking about breakng up with e but that this saved us. we've been together for three years now and we are getting married(we're both eighteen) and we are gonna have a kid in about six months.

i just wanted to personally thank you for giving me the poem that saved me from losing the love of my life. thank you and i mean that sincerely. your poem saved it.

sincerely, Chase. a.k.a hatchetman08/17/2005
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Anytime I see you make me smile and anytime when I am not beside you I think about you. I love the smile on your face. You make me happy. I love you. I love your warmth when you hug me. My heart longs for you when you’re away. I want to be there to hold your hand and shield you from any troubles that come your way. I’m going to be there for you - always. I love you more than anyone and anything else. When you are why, my soul is with you. I could look into your eyes and get lost for hours. When you are away, I think of you. You are like a angel from heaven. You’re everything I wanted, and more. You are the most beautiful girl I seen I glad that I am with you I am the happiest boy on the face of the earth. You have the beautiful eyes.
just tell her how butefull she is and is dosent come out by ur mind it comes out from ur heart
This is Poem by myself, I think this is my best work that I did for my girlfriend. It took me several days to come up with this. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Oh temptress beauty, should I compare you to the morning dew or to the fire

Even flowers have mischievous ones amongnst them, so which one of them should I compare to you.

The wind blowing through your hair becomes sweet smelling, and there is magic in your eyes

Should I call you a sight in my sleep or should I call you an awakening dream

You are the light of the moon, You are the calm and pleasureable music in the ocean's waves

Desire of my life, what can I say to you except that I love you my Dilan.

By: Tamim.
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And what is it that makes that a poem?
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