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I recently wrote my girlfriend a poem, it didn't take me long. I am not the most gifted person when it comes to poetry, but it came from the heart and she appreciated the time I spent writing it. So instead of asking someone else to write you something to woe your woman with, just stop, think and spend some time thinking about her and you. It may not be shakespeare but believe me, she'll appreciate the effort and the personal touch. Stop being lazy/apathetic/uninspired and think what it is that makes you love this girl, and then put it in words.
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JohnDoeHey everybody!
poetry is not one of the things I am really good at...
But I kinda need a poem for my girlfriend....
so I hope there is someone out there who has got a really good, romantic poem
which I can send her.....
hey can someone help me i know young and you guys don't think i know what love is but i have been stay up for nights trying to think of a love poem for my beautiful ,amazing girlfriend and i just can't do it i poetry is not my strong point Emotion: sad
I think of your face

and my heart starts to race

I think of your eyes –

As blue as the skies.

I think of your smile –

Then life is worthwhile.

And I think of our love –

Sent from heaven above.

And when I am old –

And you I behold –

I’ll still love you dear

Even more every year.
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Cos' it ends when I met you
And it's my face that you'll lean to
If you succumb
What's done is done
If you
Why don't you tell me what went
If you
Because the feelings that I feel so hard to fight
But I ain't trying to rush you (rush you, rush you
Even though I'm only in your town for one night
I got enough time to rush through the drill
Girl tell me how you feel deep down inside
Cause I'm trying to make you feel
Make you feel so right
Whenever your body's lying next to mine
It's gonna get loose
Let's take it through the roof
Cause you know that you're the truth
Girl you're
hart for you
If your trust has been stolen too
If you walk softly on this worn out wooden floor
And leave behind you the hurt you've had before
There's a room in my hart for you
We'll paint the walls from blue to white
And set the mood by candlelight
Together we'll keep out the cold
And I'll still be there when we're old
If you'll let me
So there's a room in my hart for you
If your trust has

i need help please i need to know how to make my girlfriend love me and thank you send to this e-mail <email removed>
This (Anonymous, Monday Nov. 12) is the best answer of this thread!

As a woman who is a poet I appreciated the very simple poem my husband wrote me (when we were still dating) far more than something fancy he might have picked up from another person!

P.S. No need to be so anonymous, Monday November 12!
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Mike was
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