hello i wonder how to write proper english

i wanna put board for visitor to visit my company and ask them to

1. please inform your visit purpose and contact person or department

2. please show your ID Card

3. please wear a polite dress or proper dress

4. please take safety helmet at sucurity gaurd room

5. if you take anything out of factory you must have document and hand it to security guard to sign everytime before you go out

6. all kinds of vihecle not allowed to enter exccept customer's vihecle

Thank you verymuch
Notice to Visitors

For your safety and our security, we ask that you comply with the following requests:

1. Report to your contact person or department with your ID card.
2. Dress professionally.
3. Take the safety helmet provided at the security guard room; wear it.
4. Present documents to the security guard to sign each time you remove anything from the factory, before leaving.
5. Use only your personal vehicle.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much for your help... this community is helpful Emotion: smile