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respected sir

plz tell me how to write the quotation letter . then company memmber happy
Dear Sir ,

Please provide to us M s flanges rate quotation at kolkata (w,b)
rate not for raipur city rate.
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What does a quotation contain specifically. If someone has booked for services e.g the hotel services i.e gardens, meals, drinks and accomodation, then how can a quotation for such be written? thank you
to removal of 61/2 submersible stuck up motors and fallen motors in side borewell upto 1000 feets.
charges foer sevicing and labour charge 16000.
Hello Mr/Mrs so and so

I am interested in buying 500 sets of three juggling balls in a cotton drawstring bag with a promotional logo.
concerning the juggling balls, I would like a four panel model with combination colors of blue/white, red/white, and yellow/ white. If they can be made with leather, that would be great, otherwise PU or a combination is fine as well.
Ideally I would like to pay .01-.02 $ price/piece but prices are negotiable.
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Steel frame and fiber skylights sheets
  • Ø Fiber sheets and steel frame fixing with drilling score The frame is Completely welded
  • Ø The frame size is 105cm/300cm
Frame is completely welded and fiber skylight sheets fixing with drilling score with frame
As discussed in our conversation earlier in regards to rebuilding of your boundary wall. To remove the exsisting wall and re-errect a
New re-enforced wall 20mtr long by 2mtr height.
Blocks to be used M200
Building material cost=
Labour cost=
This price includes the removing of the rubble.
Painting of the new wall.

Kind regards
as per your requisition
Balaa86 some body help me to write a quotation letter to a company can u ?
as per your requisition the following items are as under:-

water heater @7800
fan 1200mm @ 1300
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How to right a short mail to vendor regarding quotation
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