some body help me to write a quotation letter to a company can u ?
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Plese begin by writing simply what you would say if you were talking face to face to the manager of the other company. Then post it here, and we will help you with comments. OK?

Best wishes, Clive
Dear Sir,

Further to your recent enquiry i am able to quote for the work/service you have specified as follows:

Goods/service - 100.00
Installation - 25.00
Delivery - 10.00

If you are interested in taking this further please contact us so that we can raise the necessary order processing documentation. This quotation remains valid for the next 30 days.

Yours faithfully,
AN Other
Quotations Manager
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( Please don't forget to capitalize the pronoun 'I'. )

can u show me a sample of quotation letter

Have you read the one posted earlier in this thread?

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please help to write quotation letter for paint products
please help to write quotation letter for paint products

Once again, we ask that you make an attempt at a first draft.
i want to know each detail regarding to right a quotation letter pleas.
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