what does it mean to write a reflection paper on a novel? Is it a book report, it's not reflection letter only?
what does it mean to write a reflection paper on based on group project on Paid Domestic Workers in Canada.

if you can help me please let me know

what does it mean to write a reflection paper on based on group project on Paid Domestic Workers in Canada.

Write an essay with your thoughts on the work that a group of people (probably including you) did on the topic of 'Paid Domestic Workers in Canada'.

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'To reflect about something' means 'to think about something'.

So, think about your four years in high school and then write what you think. Emotion: smile

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Basically, a retell is summarizing the story/passage you have read. In the relate, you make connections to the story/passage that you've read. In a reflect, you must give your opinion/comment of the book/passage. Your comments can be constructive and you may add concerns regarding the passage/story.

Refer to this excellent information on how to write a reflection paper:

"In order to write an effective reflection paper it is imperative to understand what a reflection paper is. A reflection paper is simply a reply or a response to a particular read may that be of any sort. However the term or the usage of reflection papers is mostly found in the education field. Usually in universities students are said to write reflection papers where they need to put in words their reactions and response to a particular book, experience, a lecture or anything else. One difference between an essay and a reflection is that a reflection is more of a personal kind of an article where as an essay is more formal.

Here are some tips that could be helpful while you are writing a reflection paper:

- The first and the very consideration you should have while writing a reflection paper is that it is about your response towards a particular thing and therefore you have to make it exclusive and personal. Make sure you are not extracting thoughts and text from somewhere else. Having said that it's not a very formal piece of writing it does not mean that you don't focus on the quality. Of course the norms of essay writing are followed here too. You have to be very specific about whatever you felt. Don't try to lengthen it unnecessarily. Usage of citations is good in reflections.

- There are two major things that you need to avoid while writing a reflection. The first thing is to avoid summing up a lecture or a book's central idea into your own words because that is not what a reflection is. Secondly do not be very casual and mess around with words. Go carefully about what you write.

- Your format and the way you organize your reflection is very important. Adding an introduction, background or an overview is a great start. In the introduction you can include thoughts and responses before the event took place and what you were expecting. In this way you will already build a momentum for the reader to move further on. Make sure whatever you are trying to say should be very clear and does not leave a mysterious wandering mind. It is a reflection and the reader should know what your reflections are. Finally adding a conclusion to your article can give it another feature. Within this conclusion a comparison of your expectations and what actually happened would be a good choice."

Written by: Umaima Ejaz

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Reflective Essay? What is a reflective essay? The meaning comes from the word itself. This essay is an exercise in introspection. The essay helps you explore your personal thoughts, feelings, and opinion about a topic. It may feel particularly difficult and challenging since it involves thinking and writing about anxieties as well as successes. Reflective essay writing has two key features:1. It integrates theory and practice2. It identifies the learning outcomes of your experience3. Read more at https://essaypeer.comWhen writing:• Be selective• Discuss your reflections• Collect evidence

how to write a reflection in a book?