I am working in private company....my comapny is small company and we have a colloboration with US based company.

They invite me to US behalf of my company for project meeting( 2 to 3 months)......B1 Visa

My company is small concern....so every work under visa I only prepared for Visa appl procedure and also....

My company sponsor to my trip.....and US embassy need sponsorship letter on the interview date.

I dont have idea..and how to write letter.

Pls give a format for this type of sponsorship.........reply me immediately.....bcoz my appointment is too short.

I have no experience with this kind of situation. However, here are a few thoughts.

Get someone important in your company to write a letter that says:

You are their employee.

They want you to go to the city (name) in the USA, with dates.

Why they want you to go.

When you will be leaving the USA.

I think it would also be good to get the USA company to write a similar letter, saying why and when they have invited you.

You could begin the letters with 'To whom it may concern:'

Best wishes, Clive
hi....... i need help in sponsorship form and am sure both clive or Nona The Brit could help me in this,

my name is thia

am american citizen my sister applying for Ph.D degree admetion in united kingdom her university asking her for a sponsor ship

and i realy dont have experiance in that, this is my first time dealing with such a thing.

what should i do ....contact my bank only to get the infomation about my account and thats it or do i still need to attache those information to a special sponsoring form, if so could you please provide me with a profitional sponsor ship letter

i know there is so many examples in this web but couldnt find the one that am looking for so i decide to take a short cut and ask the expret in this web appreciating your efforts helping me out in this if you could Cc me on either Email Removed">Email Removed or Email Removed">Email Removed

my sister have real intrest in continuing her study in UK am supporting her 100% financialy

thanks again for you help

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Hi Thia,

We help people with English, but I'm afraid we are not immigration/visa/sponsorship experts.

I suggest that you should talk to the British govt. office that deals with sponsorship, as they will have all the forms and requirements. You can probably find info on the web about UK govt. offices. You or your sister might also talk to the University, to get details of what documents exactly they want.

Do you live in the UK? I would think that is necessary if you want to sponsor someone in the UK.

Best wishes, Clive