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My name is Bobby. I am 17 years old, and I have been participating in rodeos since I was 4 years old. I have won over 21 buckles, a saddle, ribbons and trophies. In 2004, I joined the high school rodeo in Gellet, Wyoming, and took first place. I have been to Oklahoma, Nevada and several other places. My grades are all Bs, and my GOP [GPA?] is 3.0. I am on a home study program, and this year I am a senior. My parents travelled with me until last year, when my dad passed away; now it is just my mom and I. If it were not for them, I would not be where I am today. Someday, I would like to become a professional rodeo participant.

If you can assist me in my career by sponsoring me, in return I will have two shirts made up with your logo and name, and they will be announced at every rodeo. I will also send you a photograph after every rodeo. And if you have any upcoming events, I will be glad to come and help.
Sincerely yours,

we husband and wife want to sponser our nephew who is coming from USA to Uk until his stay for 1 month tops.We want help how to write a letter to Uk Embassy in USA regarding sponsorship accommodating the applicant.

Thank u for your time.
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I am looking for help in writing a sponsorship letter. I am 14 years and a freshman in high school. I am a volleyball player and have been playing for three years. Our freshman team just finished our league play last night. In the off season to be competetive I must play Club Volleyball. I tried out last Sunday and Made the under 15-Black team. I was so excited to learn I had made the team and have verbally commited to playing for this club. I know need help with cost associated with playing. My dues to join will be 1,800.00 for the season and also some travel cost. I am hoping to find a buisnness or two that might be willing to help a local athlete.

Any help with a letter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi my name is lacey and i am the presedent of deca and i need to write a sponsorship letter to send to get sponsors to help give us money.i was hopping that you could help me write it or send me a sample that i can reword it.please let me know.or send me a sample at (edited -- please register and put your email in profile)

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Dear Sir/Ma,

pease i want you to give me two samples on how to write a sponsorship letter as an employer who want to sponsor his /her employee to London and stating that he will be the one to pay for his immigration thro and fro.Please just use any address and name.



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hello, my name is sarah , and i recently got into a private performance stage school in Nottingham,although i live in the uk i would have to move away and have my ownaccomodation, this is a huge oppertunity for me and i have been training for this oppertunity for over 8 years, i got a small scholarship from the college but as it stands i would not be able to attend, i want to write sponsorship letters to local companies but i have no idea what to write and how to format it , could anyone help??? xxxx
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