My twin sister and I want to participate in the study abroad program in fall 2005. Even if we qualify for financial aid we will not have enough money on our own.
We need help writing a letter for sponsorship to send to small and large businesses asking for financial assistance.
Please help us achieve our goals.

Thank you.
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I hope this information is current for UK sponsors. If so, and you agree, a letter is easy to draft.

If the visit is for a holiday and you are a relative or a friend, a letter of sponsorship explaining your relationship to the applicant and why the visit is taking place at this particular time may be helpful.

If the visit is for a special family occasion (for example a wedding, a birth celebration or an important anniversary) an invitation detailing the event, when and where it is to take place and a letter of sponsorship would be helpful. If the person whom you are sponsoring is not a close relative or is perhaps one of several people invited, it would be helpful to know why the applicant was chosen to attend before others.

If you are offering to provide support and accommodation and/or to bear the cost of transportation to the UK, you must provide evidence of your ability to do so. The following would be helpful:

• a letter of sponsorship detailing your occupation and salary and how you will be supporting and accommodating the applicant. There is no need to have this letter attested before a solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths • evidence of your ability to finance the trip, such as copies of your last six months bank or building society statements and salary slips. If you are in receipt of public funds the Entry Clearance Officer will need to consider carefully how long you will be able to maintain additional people on limited means; you will not be able to seek additional public funds to support the applicant

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I hope this information is current for students in the US. It is specifically relevant for students of the Lubbock Christian University. Hopefully it is typical of other educational institutions as well.

1 guidelines
2 AFFIDAVIT (letter)

According to U.S. Immigration requirements, “all schools are required to
obtain certification that the applicant has financial resources adequate to
provide for his or her expenses.” These “funds may come from scholarships,
fellowships, sponsoring agencies, the student’s family, or any dependable
source.” The information you provide in the Affidavit of Support will help us
determine whether or not you are able to provide a student with sufficient
funds. Please fill out the Affidavit as completely as possible.
You must send us:
This Affidavit of Support completed in English. Please complete all
sections, as any incomplete section will only delay approval and
acceptance of the prospective student.
A letter from your bank indicating:
--the approximate amount of money deposited during the past year
(in U S dollars)
--the present balance (in U S dollars)
--your standing as an account holder
If you feel the bank letter does not give enough information to reflect
accurately your ability to sponsor the student, you may also submit additional
supporting documents such as your most recent income tax return, a letter
from your employer, etc. All supporting documents must be originals or
certified copies. Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by
certified translations.
We appreciate your interest in Lubbock Christian University, and we look
forward to hearing from you.
Sharon Hale
Foreign Student Advisor
Lubbock Christian University

Attention: Foreign Student Advisor
AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT to be filled out by the sponsor.
Sponsor’s name and address (Please print or type):


Street Address:
Number and Street
Postal Code

Telephone Contact:
Country Code
Area Code
Phone Number

Name and address of the student you wish to support:

Number and Street
Postal Code

1. What is your relationship to the student?
2. What is your country of citizenship?
Are you a permanent resident in the U. S.?
Naturalized U. S. citizen?
(If “yes”, what is your “A” number?)
3. What is your occupation?
4. What is your employer’s name and address?
5. What is your annual salary in U.S. dollars?
6. Do you own a business? If yes, what type?
Name and address of business:
Annual personal income from this business.
7. Please give the U. S. dollar amount that you have in your savings account(s). (Please attach a letter from your bank to confirm this amount.)
8. If you are presently supporting any other student in the U. S., please give their name(s) and school(s) they attend.
9. How much financial support (in U.S. dollars) will you provide to
the student each year?
a) Payment for school bill
b) Personal spending
Sponsor’s Affirmation
I affirm that the information I have provided in the Affidavit
of Support is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I will
provide the support to the student as indicated above for as long
as the student attends Lubbock Christian University. I am also
aware that the student’s account must remain current and that if
I withdraw my financial support and the student is left without
sponsorship the student will not be allowed to enroll for the
following academic session.
Signature of Sponsor Date
i want to sponsr my sister who is in uk i want to know how to write a sponsorship letter
I'm a secretry general of oe of the famous press in Tanzania . we are expecting to have a general conference next month.
so i want to write a letter to the idifferent companies asking for a sponsorship of the meeting.I need your help on how to write such a letter. <
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please send me a sample of a sponsorship letter.
i want to invite my close friend to come for holiday in june.
i am a british citizen

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