hello,my name is handy and i am confusing about how to write or form sponsorship letters
my company want to send me to usa and get bussines visa,can u help me how to write sponsorship letter from my company to usa embassy,please send to my email, (Email removed), thnks
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You need to start your letter and we can help you with it. I don't know you, your company, your objectives, where you are from, how long you want to stay etc.

Until you have written the draft letter, I am unable to assist.

Hope this helps you better understand our difficulty.
The format of the sponsorship letter is like this;
Re: Mr Handy
The bearer of this letter is a staff of Leo investment company and he works in the administration department.
The company is ready to sponsor him to study computing in any school in America.We are willing to cover the expenses that will be incurred through out his stay for the programme.
Please render him any assistance necessary to secure a visa.
The C.E.O,
Leo Investment Co.
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daer sir
i am musthaq from srilanka who have one question regarding covering letter namly i am pupil who gonna apply student vis hence embassy most requiremnt is covering letter
kindly ask you to send me format of covering letter ASAP
thank you very much
1} i like to know how to wirte sponsor letter to embbassy ..

2} i like to know how to wirte litter intruduction company letter to confernce metting

3} Nigeria Lagos Am a car dealer
Want to send a sponorship letter to a company (cellc) for a Tv show. But how can i benefit such a company from a Tv show.Please help me this is a network company in S.A.Can you please send the
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Since we know nothing about the TV show and nothing about the company, it seems to me that you are in a better position than we are to come up with an idea.

After that, we'd be happy to help you with your English.

Best wishes, Clive

I am working in a bank and want to take leave for 5 days due to my brother marriage,So how can I write a letter of it to my manager.

You need to start your letter first and we can help you with it.

Until you have written the draft letter, we are unable to assist. you.

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