Please give me suggestion how should I write these sentences (Please give me an explanation about it) :

1. Keep going left until you see branching path
Anyone know other word fro branching path ?? what I mean by branching path is you see 2 path (right and left, etc). What if I want say 3 path (up, left, right), etc? (is it called forked path or what??)

2. go up then left a little to find another iron ore
is the structure correct???

3.When you see branching path, head Northwest (upper left) to obtain Iko Extract.
(Microsoft word has detected error in this sentence, I can't find why it is wrong).

Please help me by look at this sentence and tell me what I am doing wrong here. Thank you very much. Hope someone could teach me english. T T
Keep going left until you reach a fork in the path.
Take the path on the right.
Go up to the left to find another ... (iron ore is not correct here. outcropping of iron ore?)
When you get to the fork in the path, head northwest to ... (obtain ... is not correct. to see?)

Microsoft probably detected the absence of a in see a branching path or the capitalization of Northwest.

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Thank you buat what about 3 path or 4 path? should I call it 3 forked path/4 fork path??
Thank you but what about 3 path or 4 path? should I call it 3 forked path/4 fork path??sorry I can't edit my post above.
I would not call it a forked path. No. You say that the path has a fork in it.

You can use left, right, and middle for the case of splitting into three paths.

Say that the path splits into three paths, into four paths, into five paths, ....

With more than three, you'll have to improvise. Tell your listener you're numbering the paths from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, .... Then say which of these you want him to take: the 4th, the 8th, the 12th, ....

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