Hello, I only know how to write these three sounds:
  • um or umm (is "uhm" possible?) - used to express doubt or uncertainty or to fill a pause when hesitating in speaking.
  • aha! - used to express surprise, pleasure, or triumph.
  • yahoo! - this one is obvious as it was even trademarked by a big website/company. although...
    I just looked up and found only this about "yahoo": "a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture"
    So, is "yahoo!" not a sound to express joy?? (I once read about Yahoo, the company, that it was how the trademarked name has been created?? Emotion: thinking
So, please, I'd like to know,
how to actually write all possible non-word sounds in English correctly.

I mean, I know, there is often more than just one version.
e.g. "um" could be also written as "umm" or "ummm" depending on how long the thinker needs to complete a thought.. Emotion: big smile
but if possible I'd like to know ALL possible "words" for such sounds that people pronounce when talking to their bodies on the street.(along with the meaning of those "non-words")


great forum here! Emotion: smile
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Related topic that is lots of fun: animal sounds as expressed in various languages.

Here is a website I think you will find quite enjoyable.

http://www.writtensound.com /

P.S. "Yahoo" can be used to describe someone; however, I don't believe it's been used in that form for some time. You can also write "woohoo!" or "whippie!" to express joy.
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Welcome to the forums, Nyneve, and thanks for sharing that website. Lots of interesting "sounds" Emotion: smile
Here's a comment on writing 'laughter'.

The standard way in English is 'ha ha ha ha'.

I've noticed that many non-natives on the Forum write this as 'he he he he'. This always seems a little imappropriate to me, because that's the way we sometimes write 'sniggering', ie unpleasant laughter.

Best wishes, Clive


Thank you soo much!
that is a GREAT website and is exactly what I was looking for!!!

Yesterday I found out, that such sounds are very often written in comic books!
so, I was thinking about buying a few comic books for that
but that website is so much better.

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Thank you, Clive!

So, I was writing laughter correctly in English.
This is a bit OT, but the sentence
"I was writing laughter" is probably incorrect, right?

Would it be correct to write:
"I had been writting..." ?? (If want to express that it is about my writings in the past)

I was writing . . . is OK.

But if you want to use a Perfect tense, say I have been writing . . .

Best wishes, Clive
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