I am not a native English speaker, thats why I am not good in writing or in speaking.

So,could you give me some tips on improving my English?

If I made a grammatical error at my question please free to correct it,I would really appreciate it.

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Only practicing hard can solve the problem. Write paragraphs or articles regularly and approach someone to rectify it who is a native speaker. Only continuous writing can make you successful.
Thanks, I will do that regularly together with practicing Math. Practice is really everything. ^_^
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Yes,as we are not native speakers, our english is not as good as native speakers'. I will tell you as far as I know for improving writing and speaking. For improve writing skill, I think we should be rich in vocabulary. But, even we know so many vocabularies, if we can't use them in proper ways, they would be useless. So, just try to know the vocabularies as much as you can. And try to use them in your real life, I mean in your daily life. This forums can help your writing skill by chatting with other people. You can learn many writing styles from them. This is my experience. You should also know basic grammar so that you could build simple sentences. This is for improving writing skill. They are just my opinions.

For speaking, I still can't tell you because I am also weak in speaking. Emotion: big smile . But,I am still trying to speak with other people through skype. First time I spoke in english with someone, I found that I am so weak in speaking. So, I am so sorry because I can't help you that. But, I knew one thing. Be confident!

I am glad that I could share my knowledge with you. I do hope my advice can help you well. Have a great day!Moon,Let's practice English together here. Hope to see you,Moon.
Hi John, I have some tips for you:

Use familiar words

The rules of good English are simple. Use smaller and familiar words instead of big and unfamiliar words. Note that great writers and thinkers always use simple words. By using simple words in your writing, you make it easier for the reader to understand what you are trying to express. So don't be overwhelmed by all those unknown words in the dictionary. Learn only a small fraction of them number and you will still be able to write well.

Good writing makes you sound intelligent and look professional. As you probably know these two benefits will significantly improve your personal and professional life.

Learn grammar and spelling

Follow the rules of grammar and spelling. To be a good writer you should have a decent command over grammar and spelling rules. Spelling and grammatical mistakes will make you look unprofessional. So brush up on basic English Grammar before you start writing.

Write short sentences

Write short sentences. Avoid writing long, winding sentences. Short sentences are easy to construct and they are less likely to contain grammatical mistakes.

Get your facts right.

If you misinform readers about facts they will consider your writing unprofessional.So get your facts right.

Write, write, write

Keep writing. Cultivate the habit of writing and before you know it you will have developed good writing skills.


Hope it can help a little Emotion: smile

Good luck, hope you'll be good at writing in English as soon as possible.


Hi Moon,


I'm not good at writing as well. I think I need to practice writing everyday so I can improve it. I hope this forum will serve as a tool for me to develop my vocabulary and enhance my writing.

Starting today, I am going to be active in this forum and anyone who participates in this forum, please don't hesitate to correct my writing so I can make some improvements.

Thank you!

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Scorpion Kingenhance my writing.

Do not use "enhance" there. Use "improve."

Hello AlpheccaStars, thanks for the correction.