Greetings to all Prison Break fans..:-),
I don't know if you was watching the third season of Prison Break TV show, but the authors are gonna
to resurrect one of the most strongest character in this show, which was killed in the mentioned season....
Sarah Tangreti will come back! For me personally it's great news. I liked her character in the first season,
because she had gread chemistry with Michael and I agree with one the explanations of the decision to
bring her back that Michael doesn't have an emotional core in this TV show...Guys, this is gonna be huge..:-)
I'm really looking forward to new episodes..:-)

with regards


PS: Fore more information go to this page....
I kind of lost interest to this show after the first season. The second season was merely repeating itself. I mean, in every period the structure was the same: a possibility is found/achieved how to prove that Lincoln is innocent but, surprise, it can't be done. That's, in my opinion, the second season in a nutshell. They should have just made a better ending to the first season so that there wouldn't have been necessary to make more seasons. But I guess the producers couldn't resist the reek of money.
Hi Zerox,

I don't know, if it's true, but I heard some rumors that Prison Break will have season 4. If it's true then I hope it's gonna be the last season, because this TV show deserves great ending. I hope that Michael will marry Sarah, because like I said, they have a good chemistry...:-) and I hope that they will break Sucre out of Sona, he was Michaels best friend in the show. I'd like to know also some details about the Company and that hot killer chick Gretchen...:-))). I'm counting myself into the PB addicted audience...:-), so I'm really looking forward to what will be next.....On the other hand you're right, that season 2 was repeating itself. And I'm little afraid that season 4 will be the same. The only difference will be that this time they will be chased by the Panamas police.... :-)


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Season4 confirmed.... /

Personally, I'm looking forward to it. Prison Break belongs in common with CSI Las Vegas to my biggest TV show addictions...:-)