I was wondering if you guys can help with analyzing this poem.
I need help finding the literary devices theme and the speaker.

Thanks alot in advance!

Here is the Poem: HUMAN CONDITION

Now it is fog. I walk
Contained within my coat;
No castle more cut off
By reason of its moat:
Only the sentry's cough,
The mercenaries' talk.

The street lamps, visible,
Drop no light on the ground,
But press beams painfully
In a yard of fog around.
I am condemned to be
An individual.

In the established border
There balances a mere
Pinpoint of consciousness.
I stay, or start from, here:
No fog makes more or less
The neighboring disorder.

Particular, I must
Find out the limitation
Of mind and universe.
To pick thought and sensation
And turn to my own use
Disordered hate or lust.

I seek, to break, my span.
I am my one touchstone.
This is a test more hard
Than any ever known.
And thus I keep my guard
On that which makes me man.

Much is unknowable.
No problem shall be faced
Until the problem is;
I, born to fog, to waste,
Walk through hypothesis,
An individual.
by Thom Gunn
I took away from this poem about a man who has isolated himself and is fearful now of breaking free. there is also chaos inside himself and fear. At the end of the poem he is supposing and full of conjecture about leaving behind his individuality. What do you think?
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This seems to be a condemnation of individuality. The general consensus seems to be that individuality is something good and something that one needs to achieve. But here the poet seems to condemn it as like being alone in a fog ("I am condemned to be an individual." "I, born to fog, to waste...an individual." - he literally spits out the word "individual," like it's the word "leper").