My dear friend, I may not be expert in human right issue. But being human i think our most basic yet indespensible freedom is freedom to enjoy all the basic human rights. without that freedom we can nver make sound personal development and this will further hampers proper development of society..... But to be very serious, i really feel bad about the communist goverment of china. I am sure that chinese are very good people and i even have some good chinese friends. But i feel so sad that cummunist party of china is not giving those kind of freedom toward chinese people............ what do you friend thing about it.????????????????
what sort of freedom?
Did you have been in China?

Do you know what the human right is?

If not, forget this topic.
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I am a Chinese. I am proud of being a Chinese. When I was a teenager, that is 90"s of twentieth century when the famous stuent event happened in China. I always heard the other countries were criticizing the Chinese human right. I was yong. when I met sth I can't understand, I also dislike and resent. However, when I gradually grow up, know more about the world and the western countries and habitants, I totally understand that it is not as easy as the right and wrong. The world is complicated, especially the politics because plenty of interests involved. You can't judge a thing or a person using the simple standard: right or wrong. To be frank, I appreciate the other contries discussing the human right in China. Why? Mutual surveillance can promote the developement and improvement. However, I trully oppose to the contries who intend to destroy the Chinese flourishing and booming economy. I have conversations with foreigners from UK about the corruption and the others serious problems scolded by western presses. The outcome surprised me totally. They said all of these bad things had have happened in their histories. In order to prove this, I suggest you read the Hongkong history or watch Hongkong movies. I chancely watched a documentary about the corruption in HK. I was astonished at the serious level of previous HK corruption. A great many of polices were smuggleing drugs and selling weapons from the above leaders to the bottom polices. In comparison with the corruption in China, I think it is unprecedented. It is out of my imagination. I can say confidently what evils occurred in China, exsist in othere countries, too.