We,people,have been mutating into robots day by day by the advanced technologies.We are spending much more time in front of screens and machines. We dont need to spend as much energy as we used to do. People have been becoming robots.However, my question is a little bit different.Do you think in future mankind will achieve to product robots which can exactly think and behave like a human?
What exactly future do you mean? 100, 1000, 10'000, 100'000'000 (if the end of the world doesn't come earlier, lol) years later?

Well, maybe one day it will happen indeed.
The time doesnt matter. But will there be such a technology,in your opinion? And if you ask me, why not:)?
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People are not gods. Robots will never have their own free will. So robots will never be people.
What happens if you find the algorithm of the people's genes and load it into a robot's mechanism? It doesnt seem beyond our understanding to me.
Genes don't programme our behaviour. Genes load only our characteristic (colour of eyes, colour of skin etc). Machine will never have its own free will.

If scientists recreate genes in laboratory they will make clone or mutant, which will have flesh and blood. But I don't believe that it is possible.
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