I notice that the moderators have deleted my post in the thread

"British vs. American English." I humbly apologize for saying something

that was apparently politically incorrect. If it is possible, would you

kindly delete all of my posts. Thank you so much.
Hello Anon;
Sometimes we moderators make a mistake and delete or move a post inappropriately. It doesn't happen often. There is not much that we find unacceptable - we are an international team of individuals and tolerant of most all political views.
We do have standards of acceptance - because we are non-commercial and want to keep our site kid-friendly, we don't accept advertisements, solititations for paid services, spam, offensive language or blatant attacks.

Sometimes a post is deleted if the thread is very stale and the posting adds nothing to the information content.

Since you have not registered on the Forums, we cannot delete all of your posts. They are mixed in with the hundreds of thousands of other posts by the user "anonymous." Obviously, not all these are yours individually.

If you had registered, you would have received a reason why your post was deleted, and the opportunity to argue for its reinstatement.

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Hi Anon,

It is impossible to delete all your posts because you're anonymous and we simply don't know which ones are yours. Also, please read this quote taken from our FAQs :

Can you remove some old posts of mine, I don't want them there anymore?

Generally we do not delete any posts inside a thread where answers have already been made. This would cause confusion and disturb the flow of the thread. It would also be unfair to the members who have taken time and effort to help you. Requests for post deletion can always be made and we will gladly check the individual requests. Please make sure you are aware that we generally do not delete anything once it's posted so make sure you still want the post there in the future.
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Just to thank you, AlpheccaStars, for your kind note. I shall

definitely miss reading your informative posts. Hopefully,

"that" moderator will let this thank-you note get through

(my last post here). Thanks again & good luck.

I think I know which post was it.

I don´t want to judge all its content, but it conveyed, somehow, encouragement to the English students.

I don´t think it is common that someone non-native English get to use this language better than native people, but there must be some exceptions like in many different aspects of life.

Best regards
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