Humidity VS moisture?

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What is the difference between them? (I have looked up my dict but still cant understand the difference...)
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What is the difference between humidity and moisture?
  1. Amount of water vapour present in atmosphere is known as humidity ( eg, water vapour present in atmospheric gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbondioxide & some rare gases)
  2. Amount of water present in a material or in a stuff is known as moisture (eg, water present in food items,wood etc)
Generally speaking, humidity is mainly used to talk about the moisture (amount of water) in the air. A weather forecaster will usually mention the 'relative humidity' in a weather forecast.
Moisture, on the other hand, is also used when talking about the dampness or wetness of other things.
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amount of water vapor content in the air is the moisture .
amount of vapor lacking in air is humidity.

A glass of ice water in a room with high humidity drips beads of moisture down its sides. Moisture is wetness caused by water; it usually can be seen and felt on an object. Humidity is wetness in the atmosphere caused by evaporated water; it cannot usually be seen or felt except when it condenses as droplets on an object that is cooler than the surrounding air. One side of a window may have beads of moisture on it when the humidity on that side is high and the window glass is relatively cool.
both are same
this answer is easily suitable to understand
What is the difference between humidity & vapour?
Humidity is a measurement of vapour content (water in gas state).
Moisture is a related to the content of water (water in liquid state).

There can be high levels of humidity in the air with no moisture.

Once the air reaches saturation (The level at which it cant absorve any more water in gas state, aka 100% humidity or dew point - which is a combination of temperature and pressure) water will condense as drops in the air causing clouds/mist/fog, which is moisture.
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