Puskas, Hagi, Nadia Comaneci, Ceausescu...brrrrr
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I always remember Hungary because of the beautiful big stamps that they produce there. I used to collect them as a kid as they always had wonderful colours and pictures. Don't they say 'Magyar Posta' or something like that? (It was a long time ago)
Romania, for some reason I think of gypsies. A romance language.
Glad you didn't called a romance dialect!
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Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly, they are both from Hungary, very important composers and pedagogues.
Both are
Emotion: sad
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I actually live on Bela Bartok street, though my city is located in Transilvania, Romania. Magyar Posta, that's correct W.! Romanian language is very close to other neolatin languages.
" Vocea ta era interesanta cand mi-ai propus sa cant melodia ta favorita." What does it mean Woodward, Maj? Actually I just did shopping with a group of Southern Italian old ladies and I didn't understand a word what they were speaking. There are about 2 millions of Hungarians living in Transilvania.
A wild guess:
Let's see if you are interested in making your own favourite song (melody).

Transylvania...do you have any distant relatives that are afraid of garlic?
not with you. Can you explain further?
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