I don't understand the meaning of hurry.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language says hurry is the act or an instance of hurrying.
But what's the act or an instance of hurrying? Hurry I see in books is always in a hurry. I've never seen any other expressions.

Could you give me some sentences with hurry? I think they're the only way for me to understand the meaning of hurry. Please help me.
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My dictionary says haste and hurry are uncountable.
But it says #1 and #2 are correct.

#1. in haste
#2. in a hurry

Why is hurry countable in #2?
Hurry is a countable noun (plural hurries) and is commonly used as such. Your dictionary is incomplete.
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But, gotcya!!

Hurry!. The burglars are coming quickly. Please hurry!

Can you please cash my check? I'm in a hurry.

The officers hurried to the scene of the crime, and they caught the thief.

Hurry up with my toast. My eggs are getting cold.

I hope this helps.
If I hurry, I can catch the nine-thirty bus.

We have plenty of time, so don't hurry, just relax with a newspaper in the easy chair

We're late. Hurry up!

They ran past me at a fast pace. "Hey, what's the hurry?" I yelled.

They left in a hurry. They just dropped everything and ran away

I hate big cities. Unsmiling people hurry along the streets, not looking one way or the other.

Shane and his wife, Susan, are in a big hurry to retire. They've already started planning for that happy event, even though it's years away.
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Sorry but what I'd like to know is some sentences where hurry is used as a noun and in the expressions other than in a hurry. In a hurry is easy to me.
If it is possible, I'd also like some sentences where noun hurries is used.
You won't find the word "hurries" as a noun. "Hurry" is a noun, but it doesn't have a plural.
"Hurries" is a verb. She hurries down the hall to get the phone.
Umm... I don't think I've ever seen "hurries" as a plural noun. She was in a hurry, but not she had two hurries today. But I'm happy to be wrong about that and read examples of how it's used in the plural.
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