I am typing a medical transcsription and don't know if I should be using commas for this sentence or hyphens: The patient has had sever, (-) low, (-) back pain for two days. Could you please clear it up to me to which I should be using?
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'The patient has had sever, (-) low, (-) back pain for two days.'

I cannot understand the meaning clearly-- is it 'severe lower back pains'? That is the usual phraseology, so no hyphens or commas are required: 'The patient has had severe lower back pains for two days.'
Hello. I'd like to weigh in on the low back pain -- to hyphenate or not to hyphenate -- question, although I was here looking for the answer, also. I'm a court reporter and as much as I'd "LOVE" to change what witnesses (or attorneys, for that matter) say, I'm required NOT to do that, sooo when a person who transcribes for a living -- or, in my case, a court reporter -- is looking for an answer, we're not asking how to say something properly, we're asking, given what someone dictated or said verbatim, how to punctuate as is.
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