I want to know about some idioms and how to use them~
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is italian close to spanish?
Conclusion..Please CalifJim re-say it in a language I can understand...

This remark surprises me. I was giving examples of idioms! In your own language. (I'm assuming your first language is French. Am I mistaken?) (I believe you asked what an idiom was.) Note how they mean nothing to an English speaker. Likewise an English idiom translated literally into French would mean nothing to a French speaker.


Thanks for the correction concerning the horses!
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To Amandine

Well, not THAT close...
No CJ, you arent' mistaken! My first language is indeed French,..I could guess what you meant and I was kind of seeing French in it, but I was wondering whether that is exactely how you guys say it in English (I'd have came up with another conclusion...guess which one)You've got me CJ.... I guess you are or used to be a teacher, for the way you got me to understand what an Idiom is.

So tell me how do you say it (Those you used in you post) in English, so that I figure out nthe difference by myself.

Thanks in advance.
Come on Pieanne, You really want me to taste all the rodents and tell you how "Delicious" they are? (I doubt they all are). Believe me, I'd have done that for you, but my highest Level is Rabbit, and I don't think one of its cousins can pass by my throat.
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That's what I'm saying Abbie.....
You've really got yourself in the big bread mixer, haven't you?

You've got yourself in a pickle / in a predicament / in a fine mess.
Here's a (fine) howdy-doo!


Don't you hate it when someone sets a rabbit on you?

... hate it when someone stands you up.

Don't get on your tall/high horses! ... on your high horse.


Even if your hair is in battle! ... your hair is a mess / is messed up.

i want 25 idiomson english with their meaning

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And you can find more than 25 in this thread, just look for them.
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