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Tell me how to explain vocabulary and example

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Hi hemantchavan,

This is a very wide-raniging request, as vocabulary means all the words used in a laguage.

It is not possible to learn all these at once, but a good way of teaching / learning is by using lexical sets, i.e. words connected to a specific subject.

e.g. You may want to learn about the kitchen, so the necessary vocabulary might include things like fridge, freezer, washing machine, oven, pans, etc.etc.
thanks for teaching me in vocabulary. i have understand it.
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Is it advisable to improve vocabulary by focusing on some "area" OR just learn any new words we see in daily newspapers,etc.

Which one is better?
You talking to me, Praveen?Emotion: smile
Well, I think it depends on the persons. But anyway the vocabulary you learn easily is the vocabulary you NEED/or are INTERESTED in.
So I'd say first learn what you need in your everyday life, and then or at the same time, investigate in fields that appeal to you.
When I was a teenager, all my vocabulary came from English/American songs, I spent hours translating them into French. I never read the newspapers, because that didn't interest me.
Sorry Anne, the thread was posted for Abbie! Since I ask questions to both of you quite often, I made a typo. It doesn't matter.

I just need to improve my vocabulary, so that I can do better in CAT. No other reasons.
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Same response from me, Praveen!
Anyway, thanks Abbie.


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