I love you = Te amo/te quiero right?. When people translate say that "te quiero" is the informal way of "I love you" but I dont think is the same telling someone te quiero that saying te amo. Is like te quiero is less than te amo. so what do you say in english when you don't love the person yet?. I've seen "te quiero" translated as "I care about you", Is that what you use when you "almost" love someone? I love you is something too huge to say too soon so how do you say te quiero in english?
Yes, the equivalent of te quiero in English might be "I care about you" or maybe "You mean a lot to me", "I really like you", or a number of similar expressions. The expression "I love you" is usually reserved for family, very close friends, or significant others (though it's sometimes used very casually to mean nothing more than "I like you" -- I wouldn't recommend using it that way). If you want to express your feelings of "almost" loving someone, you'd probably just say how much you care about him or her, how much he or she means to you, or something like that without actually mentioning the word love.
Thank you LN... things are so much easier in spanish!. I think the "casual" use of I love you in spanish would be "Me encantas" o "Te adoro".
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Thanks for sharing this! Although I'm wondering as to whom am I gonna say "Me encantas" or "Te adoro" Emotion: rolleyes
To people you love!;)
Sigh! I know - that's the problem!! They don't know Spanish!!! Emotion: big smile
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They would know if you explain it!!:P
Ummm yes of course, they would. Let's see, I'll try.Emotion: smile
u say "I love u" = te quiero and I really love u = te amo
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