I am a thing of eternal paradox. My courage is fueled by righteous anger, but I am blinded by consuming rage, fed from my grudges. My empathy makes me vulnerable to others grief, but in the end, it is my own connection to similar trauma that breeds these sympathetic tears. Despite knowing that my entire world will one day fade into dust, I am overwhelmed with joy. Who am I?

I HAVE NO IDEA but I do know some stuff that aren't the answer (these were my friends answers)
Breezepelt (Warrior Cats thing)
Existence (They person who made the riddle said "You're on the right track, just think a bit smaller."
Only 1 person figured it out so far but they aren't allowed to tell us

I have a feeling that the answer to this is a leader because according to google whenever I searched up "eternal paradox" it came up with Olber's paradox which has to do with if the universe is infinite then why don't the stars seem so close together that you can't tell the difference between each of them.

It has NOTHING to do with Warriors! Quiet Rage told me in my Pm's

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sorry, the ones who solved it said "A Leader" is the wrong answer

Angry anger gave me a lead, when I asked her that it was a person she said that in a sense it is