Ooh, aie aie aie, i talk to you of new, all my freinds... I very tried after billy and the freinds of billy... And I NOT FIND JUSTINE! I tear many during the night. I have a photo of Justine at the warm, in my jeans pocket... It is a little wet, there are a little spots, but i her recogniz well.

I must to find to work to gain money to go to France, but not in a ship, oh no no no!
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Welcome back, 3POD-- how was your trip, other than that?
Hello, Threepod! Where are you? Are you that far from France?
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3P! Welcome back!

We've had some interesting visitors since you've been gone.

Ooh mister Macaber, i like not to think or to speak of my trip, because i knowed not what it would be when i go on the ship of billy, and i thinked only to find Justine, but ... no, i can not speak of the voyage because that billy , he not think that to rhum and his mans they are terrible also so i like forget that. But you are very kind to ask me some news about my voyage, and i you thank for that because i am just a little member of Forums and i find much freinds here and i not am so alone. thank you
Aaah ouistiti, yes, i beleive that i am far to France, because there has water all around here, and the trees they are not the same that you find in France, and the animals they are tioo different! the animals they are very cute, and i love them and i have already a friend!
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Oooh MyPD, you have not forget me! i thinked of you when i was on the terrible boat of billi... Who are the visitors? IS IT JUSTINE?

BUt maybe i have no of place for justine now, because that there are freinds for me in the place where i am... But more late, perhaps? pehaps that she can make freind with my novel freind?
May I ask...your new friend...?
May I ask...your new friend...?
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