Can I speak " I am being in library".
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No "am" and "being" cannot come together.
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Can I say "I am being in the library".

No. But you can say "I am in the library" or "I am being inquisitive".

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Neeraj JainNo "am" and "being" cannot come together.
They can, indeed.

You are being so helpful to the new members!

I am being a pest, aren't I?
I have no idea whether I am really helping new members.
We all make mistakes, Neeraj Jain, and I'm sure you can be helpful, but perhaps you could state your thoughts with less certainty, or more qualification. Say things like "In this type of construction..." and so forth.
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Neeraj JainNo "am" and "being" cannot come together.
Be is used in the continuous present and past tense to describe someone who is normally perhaps not what he is now said to be:

You are being stupid.

If you say that to somebody, the implication is that he is now acting in a silly way or doing/saying something stupid even though he is actually not at all stupid normally. It would be much more impolite or an insult to say: You are stupid.

And without a doubt, CB, you are helpful.
you can also use "be" + "being" in passive constructions:
The antivirus is scanning your drives --> Your drives are being scanned (by the antivirus)

But there was a present progressive anyway, also in the active construction. Your sentence is different.
In your sentence, "to be" is not used in progressive tenses. You are somewhere, you are not "being somewhere".

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